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Transforming mental health care

Our mission at Psyomics is to use technology and data to redefine how mental health needs are identified and matched with the right treatment. Our goal is to improve individual and population mental health by consistently getting people onto the right care pathway, first time and enable clinicians to focus on delivering the best treatment.


We are developing innovative technology to radically improve the way mental health conditions are assessed and triaged. Gaining a better understanding of every individual’s psychiatric symptoms, concerns and experiences at the first point of contact, we aim to improve people’s chances of finding the best treatment for them and helping healthcare systems plan and use their resources more efficiently.


Censeo is our flagship product, a comprehensive digital mental health assessment and triage platform. Designed to improve efficiency and efficacy, Censeo supports clinicians and patients by accelerating referrals to the right treatment pathway, first time.


Our story


Psyomics was spun-out from the Cambridge Centre for Neuropsychiatric Research (CCNR) at the University of Cambridge with the goal of developing technology that would improve the diagnosis of neuropsychiatric disorders, resulting in better outcomes in mental health care and increased efficiency throughout the healthcare system. 


CCNR is part of the Department of Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology at the University of Cambridge. Led by Professor Sabine Bahn, CCNR’s internationally recognised scientific team carries out fundamental and applied research into the causes and treatment of major neuropsychiatric disorders, with a particular focus on bipolar and major depressive disorder. 


Seeking to translate these findings from the research lab to primary care, Psyomics began developing a comprehensive digital mental health assessment platform for clinical trial. 


Conducted in collaboration with CCNR, the Delta trial was a single-centre investigator-led study of more 3,500 users of the Delta trial software, a precursor to Psyomics’ Censeo platform. These data insights, together with extensive input from clinicians and patient groups, was used to further refine Censeo’s algorithms and expand the scope of the assessment.


Psyomics has continued to develop the Censeo platform for use in realworld healthcare settings and is now expanding the software to offer new diagnostic and assessment technologies.

Investors and partners

Psyomics is supported by Cambridge Enterprise, Innovate UK, Parkwalk and the European Commission’s Horizon 2020 programme.


The support for our mission and vision shown by our investors has been critical to the development of our technology. Their experience in nurturing innovation and bringing breakthrough products to market is invaluable to Psyomics as we continue to grow.

Our commitment to quality standards

Psyomics is dedicated to developing outstanding products and services in digital mental health care, that not only comply with the appropriate regulations and quality standards but exceed them. We are committed to meeting our commitments to our stakeholders and maintain a robust quality system that ensures we deliver on our business, customer satisfaction, quality and regulatory objectives.

Service user groups

We believe that the best solutions are built in collaboration with service users and customers, to really understand the challenges and needs that matter to them. Every aspect of our research and development has been conducted with involvement from teams of service users and clinicians, that have first-hand experience across a range of services within the healthcare system. Gathering this feedback and different perspective is invaluable in ensuring the products and services we develop meet the needs of those they are intended to help.

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