Co-developed, comprehensive assessment

Using over 1700 psychiatrist reviewed questions, Censeo provides a highly in-depth assessment of a patient’s mental health concerns and needs.

The assessment utilises standard clinical frameworks DSM-5 and ICD-10, as well as industry standard measures such as PHQ-9 and GAD-7, meaning Censeo can be integrated with any existing system or pathway.

To build a comprehensive profile, Censeo also collects information on psychiatric history, risk, physical health and psychosocial factors. This additional information is used to highlight urgent cases, discover underlying factors and determine whether social prescribing could be more appropriate.

The Tresilio platform has a simple app-like interface, through which users answer questions specifically designed to gather key mental wellbeing information regarding their mood, energy levels, sleep, overall mindset and personality, among other things. It is also possible to integrate sleep and activity data on one’s own account from a Fitbit, and order and review results from a home-based ‘biomarker’ test directly through the platform. In return, users are provided with a comprehensive profile that tracks these wellbeing aspects over time and evidence-based, personalised and actionable recommendations for any aspects they are most keen to improve.

Adaptive, symptom-led questions

Unlike standard mental health questionnaires, Censeo uses purpose-built technology to mirror a face-to-face psychiatric assessment.

Sophisticated algorithms produce a responsive assessment that adapts to the patient’s answers, ensuring that the most applicable questions are asked. This level of personalisation allows the system to gather the required information in the most efficient way possible.

Censeo uses an open, symptom led approach to assessment as opposed to existing questionnaires that assess a pre-selected condition such as depression. This improves the ability to capture additional information and reduces the risk of missing less obvious factors that could be relevant to the patient’s mental health.

In-depth, actionable report for healthcare professionals

Censeo delivers a digital diagnostic report specifically designed to be as useful and actionable as possible for all mental healthcare professionals.

It covers all the key areas of assessment, including a concise but comprehensive symptom profile and clinical diagnosis where appropriate, as well as recommended treatment options, psychoeducation and additional sources of help.

To ensure patient safety, the generated clinical diagnostic report is designed to be reviewed and signed off by a registered, practising clinician.

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