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Censeo in GP practices

Censeo is an easy to use, online mental health assessment platform that brings together the needs of the GP and the needs of the patients, to improve mental health assessment and triage from the first point of contact.

Our aim is to help GPs gather the information required to make the best clinical decisions and get every patient to the right level of mental health support first time, every time.

Why GPs choose us

No matter the size of the practice, we know that GPs are facing increasing demand for mental health support. We understand that all GPs want is to provide care for their patients in the most effective and efficient way. That’s why we work with GP focus groups to build software that supports their working practices, in the most valuable way.

With no complicated installation or set up, Censeo can be easily deployed in any practice and start accepting patients for assessment straight away. Patients can access the mental health assessment online from the comfort of their own home, at a time that is convenient to them while the healthcare practitioner can be confident they are collecting all the information required to make the best treatment decisions.

Once a patient has completed their assessment, a concise clinical report is delivered to the practice with a summary of the results, suggested conditions and a triage recommendation. Cases can then be managed in the most appropriate way while GPs can be focused on the right patients.

Service overview

Supports effective treatment

Clinicians not only see the right patients, but receive a comprehensive, actionable report of the patient’s mental wellbeing and mental health history.

Maximises availability

Protects clinicians time; directing subclinical patients to the more appropriate services.

Supports successful referral

Clinically reviewed recommendations facilitate referrals to secondary care and specialist services


Censeo benefits the whole health care system.

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